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HSE Compliance Program

We help companies develop and implement robust Health Safety and Environment Management Systems and processes that effectively identify and mitigate risks while ensuring compliance to local and international standards. This helps the companies in gaining awareness and international accredited HSE certifications.

Bid Management Program

This hands-on Bid Management Training helps increase the chances of participating companies to win both local and international contracts, improve their financial statuses and grow generally. Participants will gain practical insights in selecting tender opportunities, bid writing techniques, pricing strategies, contract and financial processes used to evaluate bids. A follow-up coaching and mentoring enables practical support to companies on bid preparation and management

Enterprise Development Services

Our enterprise portfolio focuses on developing SMEs with skills that will enable them navigate the increasingly competitive business environment. We support them in practical ways in their efforts to comply with local and international standards required by the oil and gas industry. From business leadership and management training to basic financial and marketing tools, we have them covered via an interactive support framework including robust monitoring and evaluation.

The Versatile Leader for SMES

Using a unique methodology, this training defines the various stages of the Business Lifecycle and teaches leadership principles that are relevant to each stage. It uses common roles (architect, coach, journalist, diplomat, etc.) as metaphors to provide participants with easy-to-remember practical skills so that they can deal with a variety of business leadership challenges with great confidence. The training is divided into four main modules: Business Lifecycle, Strategy, Tactics and Teamwork.

E360 Training Centre

E360 purpose-built training facility in Kampala is used to deliver wide range of courses. Our team consists of experienced and reputable professionals who deliver practical and relevant trainings aimed at achieving internationally accredited certifications at affordable cost in Uganda.


With over 40 clients and partners in Uganda, E360 is at the forefront in providing Quality Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) and Enterprise (Business) Development services including related training in Bid Management and Supply Chain Management.

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