Bid Management Training – March 4th - 6th, 2020

As we strive for growth and increase in our businesses in our sectors while getting ready for the upcoming oil and gas activities, bidding will take centre stage for any contracts awarded to companies hence a need to stay ahead of the game. The hands on Bid Management training helps increase the chances of participating companies to win both local and multinational contracts and thus encouraging growth and confidence amongst participating company bidding team. Participants gain practical insight in selecting tender opportunities, bid writing techniques, pricing strategies, contract and financial processes used to evaluate bids.

Participants for our Bid Management Training held from March 4th – 6th 2020 posing for a photo shoot after the training with their trainer Mr Jim Akaya (5th from left)

A one Ms. Sylvia was heard saying, “I really thought I knew about bidding however the training has challenged me and I have gained a lot of skills on Bid writing, now I know when, how and why to go ahead and participant in a Bid where my most interesting topic was Bid or No Bid.”

Bid Management Training – March 4th – 6th

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