Bid Management Training – November 4th - 6th, 2019

In preparing Ugandan companies to write winning bids/tenders for the variety of services and products to be offered to various sectors especially the Oil and Gas industry, E360 Group Limited conducts various Bid Management public trainings. The hands on Bid Management training helps increase the chances of participating companies to win both local and multinational contracts and thus encouraging growth while building confidence amongst the delegates. Participants gained practical insight in selecting tender opportunities, bid writing techniques, pricing strategies, contract and financial processes used to evaluate bids. E360’s complementary 2-3 months of mentoring/coaching enables the company’s Bidding Team to actively practice and implement what has been learned under a mentor’s guidance.

Photo: Most recent class that successfully completed a three-day Bid Management Training at E360 Training facility, Muyenga pose with their instructor Christopher Kaweesa (Second Right).

Mr. Kaweesa Christopher, one of E360’s Bid Management Training consultants says, ‘Bid management is one of the tools that have been neglected by CEOs, Sales and Human Resource personnel over the years, simply because it has not been an emphasis but also almost unknown that it had skills that are important for an organization. What I have experienced in this short period is I have seen companies that have acquired these skills boldly go for bids right from searching for bids to preparation of the bids, submitting and follow up in that companies have become bolder and aware of how to manage the bidding process. Companies are more informed on how the evaluation of those bids should be and they can challenge the evaluators on certain things, ask questions etc. Through this training, we have seen companies win bids because of the skills they have learned and yet it has been a culture that bids have been neglected and not trusted. It is beneficial in that companies have been able to win both local and multinational bids through this Bid Management skill. This is good as well as promising for Uganda’s business sector.’

Bid Management Training – November 4th – 6th

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